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‘HELIX’ designed Vibratory, Combination & Fluid Bed Drier
Helix have installed over 135 Driers in the Tea Sector as well as Domesticated Coconut Sector. It has now commenced manufacturing its own Driers to serve its customer’ needs more precisely. In addition to Tea, also designs and manufactures Driers to suit any industry.

Automation of Existing Driers
We also provide Automatic feeding temperature control systems for existing Driers, which helps to improve the quality of the end product by maintaining an even feeding rate which also helps to reduce labour costs.

Grading Machinery Drying
Professionally designed to remove the fibre from the black tea and for pre-sorting.
Fibre Extractor
Trinic Tea Sorter
Myddleton, Rotary (Chota) Sifter
Tea Cutter, Tarry Nipper
Suction Winnower, Waterfall Winnower

Automatic Weighing System
This is an On Line Weighing Conveyor System that could weigh material while on the move, unlike batch weighers or any other form of stationary weighing system. The advantages are that this system could be applied to any production line where the input or output of material requires to be weighed continuously without any interruption.

This system is comprised of precise instruments made in Germany and Japan, which include a programmable Logic Controller that could be programmed to suit individual needs. (Batch weighers too could be supplied on request)

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