‘HELIX’ Log Splitter

  • Heavy construction with imported Heavy Duty Double Acting Cylinder (ISO 9002) manufactured in Singaporewith American Cylinder parts and "PARKER" American seals.
  • Works with a standard 7.5 HP (5.5 KW), 4 pole Motor (I.P. 55 Class F Insulated) coupled with a flexible coupling.
  • Develops a 12.5 ton pressure.
  • Hardened special steel wedge provided, which is easily replaceable.
  • "Helix" Wood Splitter is fitted with a correctly designed external Hydraulic Oil Filter to provide a longer life span for the Hydraulic parts.
  • The Hydraulic Pump, which is the most important part of this machine, is a specially imported Heavy Duty Gear type "PARKER HANNIFIN' from America, which could be used with local Hydraulic oil.
  • Oil level Indicator.
  • Imported Directional Control Valve is "WALVOIL' from Italy, provided with Safety Auto Pressure Cut-out and external safety lever.
  • Heavy Duty Star Delta fully automatic Starter will be supplied with the machine, for which spare parts are freely available.
  • All Hydraulic Hoses are heavy duty designed for 3,500 PSI.
  • Log diameter can be any size, but splitting to be started from one side (necessary) demonstrations will be carried out).
  • Maximum Splitting length 1020 mm.
  • Maximum Pressure is 3000 PSI.
  • RAM Speed up and down 15 seconds, one way.
  • Easy installation – No Foundation Bolts required.
  • N.C. Spray painted and highly polished.
  • Two years Guarantee for Hydraulic components

    Also available with Circular Saw Attachment : The Circular Saw attachment comprises a 24" diameter high quality cross-cut Saw Blade, Rotor Shaft mounted on self-aligning type Ball Bearings and the unit attached to the Log Splitter main frame, driven by the Log Splitter motor through V-Belts, thus facilitating the operation of sawing the logs and splitting them at the same location. Optional (Special) We have now designed a self–lubricator to avoid manual oil lubricating of the Wedge Guide, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the Guide.

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