• All frame work is non corrosive type GI Channels of 150 x 50 x 2mm (minimum thickness).

• BA finish Stainless Steel lining of minimum 19WG for Spillage guards fitted on both sides. 18WG BA finish Stainless Steel for Feed Hoppers and 16WG 2B SS finish for Spreaders. Head and Tail Drums are fabricated in Steel with minimum 6” diameter and mounted on a self aligning type pillow block Bearing and painted with anticorrosive primer brown and further coat of food grade paint.

• All Belts are Endless, Food Quality, not less than 2mm in thickness and of slider type bottom and supported with anti corrosive metal or PVC cross bars in order to avoid lubricated type gravity Rollers under the Belts. Only the return side of the Belt is supported with Ball Bearing type enclosed Gravity Rollers.

• All Conveyors are provided with 1HP interchangeable Geared Motors, lubricated for life with synthetic lubricant and are Shaft mounted type in order to avoid V Belt Drives.

• Where necessary Feed Conveyors have Stainless Steel height adjustable Spreaders working on self align type Ball Bearing and are driven with a self tensioning type 12mm pitch Chain Drives and guards.

• All Conveyors have Rotary Nylon Brushes at the discharge end.

• Belt width will vary according to the feed rate of the individual machine.

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